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10 PM ET: CNN town hall, Santos’ reelection backlash, migrant surge preparations & more
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Thu, May 11
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Trump found liable, Santos faces federal charges, Tucker Carlson relaunch CNN This Morning
A jury finds Trump sexually abused and defamed E. Jean Carroll and recommends $5 million in damages in the civil case. Carroll joins CNN This Morning to speak out about the verdict. Plus, Republican Congressman George Santos is expected in a federal court after being criminally charged by prosecutors. The specific charges remain under seal, but Santos’ campaign finances have been previously called into question. And, Tucker Carlson announces his plans to relaunch his show on Twitter, after being...Show more fired from Fox News.Also this morning: Congressional leaders are to meet again on Friday over the debt limit showdown, 155,000 migrants wait in shelters along the Southern border ahead of Trump-era pandemic “Title 42” policy coming to an end, the Wagner Group’s chief rails on the Russian military: we were “blatantly lied to”, and, Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ tour kicks off tonight in Sweden.
May 10, 2023
Putin speaks, gunman’s Nazi obsession, debt ceiling talks CNN This Morning
Vladimir Putin gives a defiant speech during a scaled-back Victory Day ceremony, claiming the “real war” is being waged on Russia, just hours after Russia launched several cruise missiles at Kyiv. Plus, the disturbing online history of the gunman behind the Texas mall massacre reveals an obsession with Nazis and mass shooters. And, President Biden hosts a high-stakes meeting with Congressional leaders as the debt ceiling deadline nears.Also this morning: E. Jean Carroll's rape trial against Dona...Show moreld Trump nears an end with the jury expected to begin deliberations today, the FDA weighs allowing the first over the counter birth control pill, the Southern border braces for a migrant surge as ‘Title 42’ expires in 2 days, and is a 4-day school week the answer to the teacher shortage in several states?
May 9, 2023
Texas mall shooting motive, SUV hits crowd, chokehold death protest CNN This Morning
Investigators look at right-wing extremism as a possible motive in Saturdays’ mall shooting in Allen, Texas that left eight people dead. Plus, the death toll rises to eight after an SUV plows into a group of migrants outside a homeless shelter in Brownsville, Texas. And, protests and outrage grow in New York City over the killing of Jordan Neely by a former Marine who put him in a chokehold.Also this morning: a pivotal White House meeting on debt ceiling talks is set for tomorrow, closing argume...Show morents begin in E. Jean Carroll’s rape and defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump, Tucker Carlson is 'preparing for war' with Fox News after his ousting, border cities brace for a migrant surge as “Title 42” nears its end, and King Charles III is crowned as the British Monarchy enters a new era.
May 8, 2023
Trump insider witness, student stabbing arrest, Charles' Coronation eve CNN This Morning
Federal prosecutors in the Mar-a-Lago investigation are now getting cooperation from an insider who worked for Donald Trump at his resort. Plus, police arrest a former UC Davis student in connection with three recent stabbings near campus. He's being held on two counts of murder and one count of attempted murder. And, the UK prepares to officially crown its new king this weekend. The Coronation dinner for King Charles III is set for tonight at Buckingham Palace.Also this morning: a jury finds fo...Show moreur members of the Proud Boys guilty of sedition, the hidden payments a GOP activist arranged to Ginni Thomas, the Wagner Group’s chief blasts Russian officials over lack of ammunition, and the April jobs report is going to be released and will either help or hurt jittery markets on edge about the security of regional banks.
May 5, 2023
Accusations from Russia, new bank fears, Carrie Fisher honored CNN This Morning
Russia baselessly accuses the US of being behind a drone attack on the Kremlin. Ukraine also denies any involvement. Plus, another regional bank may be in trouble - PacWest is considering “all options” as its shares plunge more than 50%. And, May the 4th be with Carrie Fisher - the iconic Star Wars actress gets a star on the Hollywood walk of fame today. Also this morning: Police arrest the gunman accused of shooting five women inside an Atlanta medical center, and Special Counsel Jack Smith is looking into how the Trump Organization handled surveillance footage from Mar-a-Lago.
May 4, 2023
FBI manhunt over, rate hike decision, Tucker Carlson text CNN This Morning
The manhunt in Texas is over after law enforcement arrests a gunman accused of killing five people, including a 9-year-old, following a call to the FBI’s tip line. Plus, the Fed is expected to raise interest rates again. The big question is whether the Fed Chair will signal that a pause is to come. And, the New York Times reports on Tucker Carlson’s text that alarmed FOX leaders ahead of his firing. Also this morning: Biden sends 1,500 troops to the southern border ahead of an expected surge in migrants, the US announces a new immigration deal with Mexico aimed at deterring border crossings, and new and promising data is released on an Alzheimer's treatment.
May 3, 2023
Default warning, deadly pileup, writers go on strike CNN This Morning
The US could default on its debt as early as June 1st, if the debt limit isn't raised or suspended. That's the new and serious warning from Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen. Plus, at least six people are dead after a 70-vehicle pileup on an Illinois highway due to low visibility from a dust storm. And, production will be delayed on some of your favorite television shows after Hollywood’s writers are go on strike for the first time in 15-years.Also this morning: the Surgeon General has a plan to t...Show moreackle America's epidemic of loneliness and isolation - his six-pillar approach to build our social connections. And, Tennis superstar Serena Williams is pregnant with baby number two, revealing the news during last night's Met Gala.
May 2, 2023
Bank failure, Hollywood strike, FBI manhunt CNN This Morning
In the aftermath of the second-largest bank failure in US history, regulators seize control of First Republic Bank, striking a deal to sell its assets to JPMorgan Chase. Plus, the clock is ticking in Hollywood: if a new contract deal is not reached by midnight, the Writer's Guild of America will walk off the job. And, FBI agents in Texas say they have zero leads on the whereabouts of a gunman who killed five of his neighbors after being asked to stop firing his rifle. They're offering an $80,000...Show more reward for information.Also this morning: the US launches two convoys to evacuate Americans from war-torn Sudan, complex division inside the GOP threatens its electoral success, Arizona faces a teacher shortage, a mysterious cluster of brain infections strikes kids in Nevada, thousands in France are expected to protest the country’s new pension law, and, Willie Nelson performs a duet with Snoop Dogg at his 90th birthday celebration.
May 1, 2023
Mike Pence testifies, Jerry Springer dies, Fed rate hikes CNN This Morning
Former Vice President Mike Pence testifies for five-hours before a grand jury on Trump’s January 6 role. Plus, tributes and reflections pour in for Jerry Springer after the legendary talk show host loses his battle with cancer aged 79. And, the Fed is set to release its preferred measure of inflation, and the data could be critical in determining what it does next with rate hikes.Also this morning: South Carolina and Nebraska fail to pass more restrictive abortion measures, two apache helicopters crash in Alaska during a training mission killing three army pilots, and, the Carolina Panthers select Alabama quarterback Brice Young as the number one pick in the NFL draft.
Apr 28, 2023
Carlson speaks out, Pentagon leak suspect, Disney sues DeSantis CNN This Morning
Tucker Carlson speaks out for first time since his firing from Fox News, as new and ugly details emerge about why the network got rid of its highest rated prime-time star. Plus, inside the home of the Air National Guardsman accused of leaking sensitive secrets from the Pentagon online. Prosecutors release new pictures and details overnight as they make their case that he poses “a serious flight risk”. And, Florida Governor DeSantis blasts Disney's lawsuit against him and the oversight board he established, claiming it’s political. Disney says DeSantis is punishing free speech after the company opposed his so-called “Don’t Say Gay” law.
Apr 27, 2023
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