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The Doctor Who Companion Christmas Quiz 2023: The Answers

Just before Christmas, we set you 35 fiendish questions all about Doctor Who. We hope you had time to jot down your answers in between scoffing down the festive lunch, opening presents, and enjoying Ncuti Gatwa’s first full episode as the Fifteenth Doctor.

Because below, we have all the actual answers.

There’s still time to go back to the quiz and note down what you think. So without further ado, here are the…

Answers to The Doctor Who Companion 2023 Christmas Quiz!

1. She is converted into a Cyberman.

2. Bill Potts.

3. Antony Coburn’s original name for the TARDIS, in an early draft script of An Unearthly Child.

4. The Terileptil leader in The Visitation.

5. The TV Movie.

6. Betsy.

7. Pyramids of Mars.

8. The Fifth Doctor, as revealed in The Caves of Androzani.

9. He wears a stick of celery, which turns purple if the gases are present. He then eats the celery. (If nothing else, he’s sure it’s good for his teeth.)

10. The Master in The Power of the Doctor.

11. i. 140 years old.

ii. 125 years old.

12. No explanation is given on screen – it was a continuity mistake!

13. A Tharil in Warriors’ Gate.

14. The.

15. Amy Pond, Clara Oswald, and Bill Potts.

16. i. The Time Machine.

ii. War of the Worlds.

17. Brigade Leader.

18. Liz’s hair is dark brown or black in the parallel universe but blonde in ours.

19. All played by Pat Gorman.

20. A Zarbi.

21. A juke box.

22. The Fifteenth Doctor (as seen in The Giggle).

23. Jackie Tyler’s dog in the parallel universe (Rise of the Cybermen)

24. Clara and Joey.

25. The Empty Child.

26. Spider (or spiders).

27. Gamble with Time by David Fisher.

28. Paisley born David Tennant found the double “o” sound hard to reproduce when he was speaking the Doctor’s East London accent. Davies also gave him the testing line “Judoon platoon upon the moon” in Smith and Jones.

29. The Daleks (in, respectively, Victory of the Daleks and Dalek).

30. The Power of Three. Not technically Doctor Who, but half a point if you said Downtime.

31. By having them hanged, not shot.

32. Ray guns in the Dalek movies could only be realised by passing the printed film through an optical printer and adding the rays. This would have resulted in a deterioration of picture quality every time the Daleks fired their guns, so a practical effect was adopted instead.

33. i. The Invisible Enemy.

ii. The Sontaran Experiment.

iii. The Face of Evil.

iv. Battlefield.

v. Survival.

34. a – Noah watches as his arm is transformed into a Wirrn (Doctor Who and the Ark in Space)

b – Rose encounters the Autons in the Henrik basement (Doctor Who – Rose)

c – Sarah encounters a Zygon for the first time (Doctor Who and the Loch Ness Monster)

d – The Draconian prince (Doctor Who and the Space War)

e – Barbara attempts to escape from the Zarbi (Doctor Who and the Zarbi)

f – The Cybermen march towards the humans’ base on the South Pole (Doctor Who and the Tenth Planet)

g – Dr Quinn meets Okdel, leader of the Silurians (Doctor Who and the Silurians/ Doctor Who and the Cave Monsters)

35. Three! I have seen three!

How did you do? Let us know in the comments section below!

Frank Danes

The Doctor Who Companion Christmas Quiz 2023: The Answers

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